The Pacific ocean is the largest geographical feature on earth, larger than all land areas of the world combined. Here you have more than 11 million square miles of ocean dotted with islands, some no larger than a suburban back yard.

A yacht charter in the South Pacific is the only way to truly experience all, this amazing area has to offer in luxury and style. The islands of the South Pacific have a certain charm about them that stays with you long after you have left. The Fijian islands, French Polynesia/Tahiti and her islands, the Solomons, the Cook Islands, American Samoa and more have so much to offer and are still largely untouched by commercial tourism. World class diving and surfing is available at most of the main charter areas such as Fiji and Tahiti. Both under and above the water your eyes will feast on colour and vibrancy. Sail through crystal clear waters so clean you can watch the fish go by beneath you, dive to incredible depths still with pure visibility surrounded by literally millions of animal life species and colourful reefs. 

The names themselves conjure images of times past, great voyages of discovery and pitched battles now etched in history - Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, Fiji Islands, Kiribati, New Caledonia and French Polynesia to name just a few of these remote lands. There is so much to see and do in this rich and diverse expanse, what better way to explore it all than by private yacht. 

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