Komodo National Park is best known for the famous Komodo dragon, closely followed by its world-renowned diving. The area is a UNESCO world heritage site and has been selected as one of the new seven wonders of nature. Located about an hour and a half by flight east of Bali between the remote provinces of West and East Nusa Tenggara. 

Cruising the islands of Komodo offers spectacular sandy coastlines shared only with the natural wildlife, flora, and fauna. Of the thirty islands included within the park, just three of them are sparsely inhabited, with the area's four thousand inhabitants living in traditional communities across Rinca Island, Komodo Island, and Papagaran Island.

The diving in the area is spectacular, and this is due to the strong currents that swirl through the reefs and islands, bringing with them varying temperatures and underwater life in all forms via the bordering oceans.

Most of the key dive sites make the most of these currents, offering something different every single dive.

From drifting through coral covered underwater caves that open up into swimming pools' of rays, turtles, and pelagic fish, to casually cruising along a sandy-bottomed Manta ray breeding ground, to zig zagging with your reef hook along the wall of Batu Bolong and seeing more fish than you ever dreamed of, Komodo is rich and diverse.

An experienced dive guide is absolutely imperative in this area to help you navigate the ever-changing sites and manage tides, weather, and sea conditions. We ensure all dive charters we organise in the area have highly experienced and qualified dive guides.

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