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37South is the Pacific distributor and technical representative for many leading equipment manufacturers. We design and supply for new build, refit and repair, parts and technical service.

ABT-TRAC Stabilisers

ABT-TRAC Stabilisers TRAC fin stabilisers from American Bow Thruster. These are now the industry standard, the most widely accepted brand of digital active fin stabilisers in the world. TRAC stabilisers dramatically improve ride comfort even in rough conditions underway and our Zero Speed ( TRAC ‘STAR’ ) systems are designed to significantly mitigate or eliminate roll while at rest or anchored. 37South has fitted TRAC stabiliser systems to 40 ft cruisers through to four fin Zero Speed solutions for Superyachts. As Zero Speed has become accepted and desirable a significant part of our business is upgrading and retrofitting existing boats that either had no stabilisers or want to upgrade from underway to a full Zero Speed solution.

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ABT-TRAC Thrusters

ABT-TRAC Thrusters and integrated Hydraulic systems. TRAC thrusters ( twin prop, counter rotating ) are available from 7kW – 150kW in NiBrAl bronze or cast Aluminium. Thrusters and Stabilisers are generally the most demanding hydraulic loads on board and we provide a complete cost effective design and supply of the ships entire hydraulic system, power packs, control valving, pump and load PLC controls. Single point design and supply for the entire system means wherever in the world the boat ends up TRAC service technicians can provide our legendary support.

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HEM reverse osmosis desalinators

HEM reverse osmosis desalinators are standard equipment on the world’s finest Yachts. Their reliability, serviceable design and intelligent construction makes them first choice for engineers and operators. HEM also provide water softeners and technical water treatment including Silver and Copper ion steriliser for safe potable water treatment.

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Evac Evolution Ballast Water Treatment

The Evac Evolution ballast water treatment (BWT) system will ensure compliance with the latest IMO G8 and U.S. Coast Guard regulations. As well as being effective in marine, brackish and fresh water, the system can handle the most challenging water conditions in ports and estuaries.Cathelco are now part of the Finnish-based Evac Group which is the world’s leading provider of integrated waste, wastewater and water management systems for the marine, offshore and building industries.By combining technical expertise and amalgamating sales and aftersales facilities, Cathelco Evac can respond quickly to customers’ requirements wherever they are located in the world.Customers also have the reassurance of dealing with a company that has a strong background of marine engineering experience backed by the financial stability of a turnover amounting to 136 MEUR.

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Cathelco Corrosion Protection

CATHELCO – Impressed Current Corrosion Protection systems for Steel and Aluminium hulls provide active, monitored corrosion suppression, Cathelco are also leaders in Cu ion pipework antifouling that prevents marine growth in the raw water cooling and heat exchangers.

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