March 2, 2022

Covid 19 - Superyacht Entry to New Zealand


Under the current regime yachts may enter New Zealand for the repair and maintenance through a 3 step process:

Step 1:             Submit an application to the Ministry of Health for the vessel

Duration:          3 - 4 weeks processing time


Step 2:             On approval of step 1, submit an application to MBIE for the crew to arrive on board and in turn be invited to apply for a visitor visa

Duration:         1 - 2 weeks processing time


Step 3:             On approval of step 2, submit individual crew visa applications for the non-New Zealand / Australian passport holders

Duration:          2 - 7 days processing time


In regards to the repair and maintenance taking place onboard, there are plenty of well-established shipyards and sub-contractors that will be available to support the vessel. If required 37South can make recommendations and introductions as required.

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