Wow, Palau!

When a regular guest of Dunia Baru spent four weeks on the superyacht in Palau, it provided the perfect opportunity for owner Mark Robba to visit the archipelago himself.

An archipelago of over 500 islands, Palau is part of Micronesia and is a treasure trove of natural wonders. From verdant forests, pristine beaches, world-class diving and diverse wildlife, these volcanic islands are a superyachting playground.

Thankfully, Palau still feels like a well-kept secret. With very few other yachts, countless little coves to tuck into and deserted white sand beaches everywhere, this is the kind of destination that Dunia Baru was built for exploring. As well as beautiful hikes and kayaking along the coastline, guests made the most of the incredible diving, something which Palau is renowned for. From hundreds of sharks to thousands of spawning red snapper moving in unison, every dive was worthy of a nature documentary. Palau isn't known as the Underwater Serengeti for nothing.

Chance would have it that this trip also coincided with the Super Blue Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse, a phenomenon that won’t be seen for another 151 years. Safe to say that the phrase "once in a lifetime" has never been so true of a charter experience.

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