Is Komodo Park Closing? Questions answered

Komodo National Park Closure?
Your Questions Answered...

First thing's first. Yacht charters within Komodo National Park will not be affected.

There have been a lot of misleading headlines about the possible closure of Komodo National Park in 2020. It is highly likely that a small part of Komodo National Park will be closed in 2020. However, this plan of closure which is still yet to be confirmed will only be limited to the specific Komodo Island.

The proposed closure will effect Komodo island only. While Komodo dragons share their name with Komodo island, they can also be found on Rinca, Padar and Gili Motong and on some parts of Flores. The ranger station on Rinca is well established and there are various trails from this ranger station that visitors can walk with guides – this will remain open to visitors in 2020.

The aim of the closure is to allow the natural habitat to rejuvenate in order to sustain the island’s population of dragons and deer - a very good thing!

Komodo National Park will still be accessible, visitors will still be able to see Komodo dragons, dive sites will remain open and the closure of Komodo Island will not impact yacht charters.

Komodo National Park is the only place in the world where the famous Komodo dragons exist in the wild – but the park is far larger than Komodo Island. According to Unesco, the land area of the Komodo Biosphere Reserve and National Park extends for 3,329 square kilometers – and of that, Komodo Island accounts for just 390 square kilometers.

So all in all, this is a positive step for Komodo and will benefit visitors and locals alike.

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