DUNIA BARU Destinations Brochure Indonesia

Spanning an area of 1.9 million square kilometres, Indonesia is inconceivably vast. Within this boundless area lies a wealth of over 17,500 islands spanning from the burgeoning touristic throngs of Bali to the raw nature-scapes of Western New Guinea, Raja Ampat and everything between, around and beneath. This is DUNIA BARU's home and the home of each of her guests while she delivers them on a journey of education, once in a lifetime experiences and ultimate freedom. 

The DUNIA BARU team have put together a brief explanation of each of her cruising areas to begin to give guests an idea of what you may expect on a DUNIA BARU adventure. Below you can download the latest DUNIA BARU brochure which includes explanations on each of the main cruising grounds to which DUNIA BARU frequents.

DUNIA BARU will be cruising Indonesia until March 2019 so secure your spot before it's too late.