Charter Specialist 

Fleur’s love of travel, adventure and the sea was inevitable, spending most of her upbringing on the water or close to it. Before Fleur was born she had covered 8000 miles and before she was 7 she had sailed 21,000 miles throughout the Pacific Ocean. She grew up with regular trips across the Pacific as ‘the captain’s daughter’ and has immersed herself in the industry, throughout her journey to adult life.

Although well versed with all aspects of the business, Fleur's focus is charter marketing and charter brokerage where she is utilising her skills in public relations. Fleur is passionate about working with people and providing the best service possible, her role with 37South is a great channel for this passion. 

Fleur is now based in Europe, where she is more readily available for clients and other industry in this part of the world and easily accessible to the superyacht centre of the Mediterranean. 

Fleur works alongside Allan Jouning who was a founding captain of the superyacht industry with 40 years at sea. She is an asset to the company with her enthusiasm for the industry and fresh ideas. Fleur studied in Auckland, New Zealand and holds a Communications Bachelor in Event Management and Advertising. 

"The best though has been your assistance with all the logistics over here. Thank you for everything Fleur!" - Charter Client.

"The next time I charter anywhere in your section of the world you are definitely my girl"- Charter Client.

Phone: UK +44 7449 186850

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