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37South Yacht Charter is dedicated to providing the best Yacht Charter service available to adventurers worldwide.

37South Yacht charter is the private yacht charter division of 37South, a global yacht support provider with a trustworthy name in the industry since 1988.

We are not a loud, international conglomerate nor do we strive to be. We simply strive to deliver the best service possible, so that everyone coming to us with their dreams of charter, no matter how intricate, receive a result that will last a lifetime.

A yacht charter is personal, every one is different. We approach every request with a fresh outlook.

About 37South the Company

37South pioneered the modern Superyacht industry in the South Pacific back in 1988 and we continue to offer the same superior service to our clients today. Not only do we have a deep well of knowledge readily available to our clients and customers but we carry the longevity to back it up. Founders and directors, Allan Jouning and Phil Tomlinson are both ex-superyacht captains with a long and experienced history.

37South has grown to become a well known company and brand worldwide as the providers of knowledge and service to not just visiting super yachts but also to agents and industry across the South Pacific and beyond.